Hivequest is an online learning platform based on group challenges with the purpose of self betterment


HiveQuest came to us with two problems, first, improve the user flow of the current platform, and second, create a community section for users to share their experiences after their challenges are completed. Both tools needed to be responsive.


The project consisted of 3 UX Designers, collaborating through the research, site architecture and design. I was responsible for the high fidelity mockups on the flow of the current platform as well as ideation for the community tool. The project lasted 3 weeks.


User interviews, usability testing, comparative analysis, wireframing, prototyping

Understanding the Users

In order to understand what we were up against, we signed up for a couple of week long challenges on, once we had a better idea of what the user’s pain points were, we were able to formulate surveys that were sent out to their user base. In addition, we conducted 6 phone interviews with power users

We learned that while users liked the platform, it was at times confusing and it led them to not complete the challenges. Another deterrent we found was the number of tabs needed to navigate the site and complete simple actions, too many clicks. 

We reworked all the flows to condense the navigation and eliminated unnecessary steps that led to a frustrating experience. We also implemented the use of breadcrumbs aiding the user in the navigation. 

solution #1

improving the user flow


out with the old in with the new

Before: Missions were organized from first to last, leaving the newest one at the bottom. After: we reshape them to follow the format of the rest of the site and reorganized them from last to first. We also eliminated the tabs, combining all personal missions and pre-challenge onto one screen.

Before: Text over images was hard to read, and since this is user generated content, it was hard to manage. After: Our research indicated that images were more important to users (60/40) So we replaced the overlay for a drawer that shows on hover.

The post page was also completely redesigned to aid the user in posting, editing, and sharing their thoughts. 

Solution #2

The hive wants a community!

The community came as a request from the client to create a platform where users could connect and reflect after challenges were completed.

Part of our survey included behavioral questions to understand how social media is currently used within our base and what kind of elements they are likely to use in a bulletin board type of platform. 

We learned that most people did not want to spend much time involved within the hivequest site, their main use is to post their daily challenge and get out; however, they still felt like being connected to their classmates after the challenged was finished. 

Our solution was a simple bulletin board that can be quickly accessed, carrying the same experience as the challenges page where they can add text, a picture or both. The design was also adapted to be used in mobile.

Community page where users can re-connect after their challenges are completed.