Hi there, 

I'm Federico Nigro, an Experience Designer and problem solver who truly believes understanding human behavior and collaboration go hand in hand. My hospitality background has taught me that user empathy, communication and creativity solve 99% of problems. 

As a Hospitality professional, I learned to develop a keen sense for human interaction. Planning, collaborating and understanding guest needs helped me accurately anticipate how large crowds would react to specific event setups making this part of the huge success of the operation. 

As a Designer, exposing people to good design is my motivation. With the use of my experience I am able to create seamless interactions that are as beautiful as they are unobtrusive to the everyday user. I love what I do and believe in well designed experiences that have a long lasting impression on people, those are the ones that make successful products.  


  • Product Designer @ Redbooth
  • Product Designer @ Udemy
  • Freelance User Experience Designer
    • Festigo
    • Spree Space Inc
    • Hive Quest
  • UX Designer @ Bee Social Group